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Why Metal?

Metal is the enduring choice of professional architects and builders.

Interestingly enough, builders have been using metal for roofing for ages, and they have used it for basically the same reason as modern builders. The Romans knew that metal was lightweight, reliable and economical in relation to many other methods of roofing.

To its credit, metal has many facets. While it provides wonderful tranquility in a remote getaway, it can also be used with effectiveness on commercial buildings. Of course, woodsy cabins should not be ignored, and metal roofing works very well to provide quality alternatives for homes that are sometimes put under stress by the surrounding environment.

Metal roofing greatly surpasses the benefits of traditional roofing such as asphalt and wood shingles. Although metal roofing may cost more to install, the long term benefits often make the cost difference of little significance.

Withstands Strong Winds

A metal roof withstands much stronger winds than asphalt shingles. The 2004 hurricane season convinced many Florida residents to go with metal roots. In some areas the only undamaged roofs were metal roofs.

Fire Resistance

Areas prone to forest fires frequently encourage the use of metal roofing. California residents testify of the fire resistance of metal roofs. Some homes with metal roofs were the only ones standing after the firestorms of 2003. Hot embers driven by the wind quickly ignite shingle roofs. Metal roofs resist hot embers much longer. The California Insurance Institute recommends metal roofing as one method of reducing the risk of home destruction from forest fires.

Resists Hail Damage

Metal roofs withstand damage from hail storms. Asphalt shingles are quickly damaged during a hail storm. In most cases, metal roofs withstand damage from hail. Generally, a metal roof does not break, crack or dent as does most other roofing materials.

Long Term Savings

Metal roofs usually cost more initially but the savings start to pile up in the long run. Some insurance companies will offer discounts of up to 30% to homeowners with metal roofs. Cooling energy costs are also often reduced because of the reflective values of light colored metal roofs. Metal roofs will last much longer than shingles and have less maintenance. The long durable life of metal backed with warranties make a metal roof a great long term investment.

Metal is Green!

Our rolled-form panels and trim accessories are made from at least 25% post-recycled content and is 100% recyclable. The coatings we use meet ENERGY STARĀ® guidelines to save building cooling energy costs. In many cases, a metal roof can be applied directly over an existing shingle roof without expensive tear-off and construction waste.