Galvalume® sheet steel with a full 29 gauge metal thickness is the heart of panels from Marco Metals, LLC.

Galvalume® is a carbon sheet steel coated with an alloy of 55% aluminum (for barrier corrosion protection) and 45% zinc (for galvanic protection) through a patented continuous hot dip process. The result is a highly corrosion-resistant material that delivers the optimum features of both aluminum and zinc. In fact, Galvalume’s® performance in the industry has been so superior that steel mill’s warranty it against rupture perforation or failure due to corrosion. Comparable warranties do not exist for galvanized!

Galvalume Sheet Metal for Metal Roofing Panels is the Heart of Marco Metals Product
Layer 1 – Durable, beautiful finish in almost any color you want.
Layer 2 – High-performance primers are key to long-term corrosion resistance and paint adhesion.
Layer 3 – Pretreatments provide excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion.
Layer 4 – An aluminum-zinc alloy coating. Quite a force in fighting corrosion.
Layer 5 – Uniform steel sheet properties are a result of modern steelmaking technology.
Layer 6 – Backer coats to enhance corrosion resistance and minimize abrasion damage.