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Silcone Polyester Coil Coatings

Marco Metals - Coil CoatingCoil coating production. We use WeatherX® silicone polyester coil coatings from Valspar which are ideal for agricultural, industrial and pre-engineered metal building components and systems. It is recognized for its remarkable color and gloss retention as well as its superior chalk resistance.

This exceptional level of silicone polyester performance is due to a unique formulation that combines the durability of ceramic and other select inorganic pigments with the strength of a breakthrough proprietary silicone polyester resin. The two-coat system is highly resistant to stains, abrasion and metal marking. These features endure the physical abuses of fabrication, transit and construction while minimizing cracking and marring.


Valspar WeatherX Metal Roofing Coating Supplier in Virginia

Valspar WeatherX® WeatherX® is available in a wide variety of stock colors. Custom colors and SR formulations are also available. The SR formulations are designed to meet ENERGY STAR® and LEED® guidelines for steep slope roofs, which means they can decrease the amount of money spent on energy to cool the building.

Use our new color picking tool to see what roofing colors look like on one of our model homes.